Hunt Energy Network (HEN) Power Marketing is a fully integrated Energy Management Desk that combines a BESS revenue optimization platform and a full-service 24/7 real-time operations center with full asset automation from commissioning through the operating day in ERCOT.

Operational Capabilities

  • Network Optimization Center: 24/7/365 Real Time Desk with Level 4 QSE Designation

  • Full in-house SCADA operational capabilities from EMS to wholesale market settlement

  • Full O&M capabilities for BESS assets

  • Utility quality safety standards and regulatory compliance

  • Automated bidding / scheduling / dispatch / invoicing & settlements

  • Over 35 years of real-time asset operations experience in ERCOT

Market Intelligence

  • Proprietary traDER operating platform & arbitrage algorithms

  • Optimal SoC management for battery life longevity & revenue maximization

  • In-house data science team with machine learning / AI and signal processing specialists

  • Leadership on eight member PUCappointed Texas Energy Reliability Council (TERC)

  • Engagement in ERCOT BESS rule-making task forces

  • Experienced wholesale energy trading and risk management professionals

Hunt Energy Network

Fully integrated Energy Management Desk


  • Commissioning
  • Optimal battery cycle automation
  • Conformity to market design and regulations


  • Revenue maximizing traDER Max Platform
  • Algorithm-based bidding strategies
  • Iterative machine learning feedback loop

QSE Services

  • 24/7/365 QSE Level 4 Operations
  • Dispatch
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing/Reporting
  • ERCOT Settlements

HEN Power Marketing is your turn-key asset management solution.

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